Prizes and Awards will be offered amounting to 9300 EURO. There will be both cash and object prizes. The object prizes of the prize fund are made and given by the PENDIM company.

A. Individual Performers

First Group

1-st prize – worth 100 EURO
2-nd prize – worth 70 EURO
3-rd prize – worth 50 EURO

Second Group

1-st prize – worth 150 EURO
2-nd prize – worth 120 EURO
3-rd prize – worth 100 EURO

Dr. Kiril Tarpov, president of Jeunesses Musicales Foundation provides the prizes for First group.

Third Group

1-st prize – worth 200 EURO
2-nd prize – worth 150 EURO
3-rd prize – worth 100 EURO

Fourth Group 

1-st prize – worth 300 EURO
2-nd prize – worth 250 EURO
3-rd prize – worth 200 EURO

Fifth Group

1-st prize – worth 500 EURO
2-nd prize – worth 400 EURO
3-rd prize – worth 300 EURO

Sixth Group

1-st prize – worth 1200 EURO
2-nd prize – worth 800 EURO
3-rd prize – worth 500 EURO

B. Ensembles

1-st prize – PENDIM F MARIMBA – 2100 EURO
2-nd prize – worth 1000 EURO
3-rd prize – worth 500 EURO

Special prizes set up and awarded by:

  • IKMMA – International Katarzyna Mycka Marimba Academy, sponsored by ConCorno Kulturmanagement Stuttgart – for the Best marimba performance – in the form of a scholarship for the active participation at the IKMMA 2005 in September in Wroclaw (Poland) – 300 EURO
  • Mrs. Kamenarova – for the Best timpani performance in VI group – 250 EURO
  • Dobri Paliev’s heirs – for the Best performance of a Paliev piece – 100 EURO
  • Tantchev Publishing – for composition in irregular bulgarian metric beat – 100 EURO
  • Mr. S. Serafimov – for the Brightest stage presence – 50 EURO

Additional info

  • The prizes will not be split up among competitors.
  • Other cash and object prizes, provided by state, and municipal organizations, or private contributors can be bestowed.
  • All competitors are presented with a diploma from the competition.
  • First-prize winners will also receive a bronze sculpture specially made for the Pendim competition.
  • Many additional encouraging prizes will be provided for participants in I group.
  • Prizewinners selected by the jury will take part in the gala concert on April 3rd, 2005 in the Concert Hall of the Opera and Philharmonic Society, Plovdiv.
  • A special CD with their performances will be made. All rights to the recordings of the participants’ performances in the gala concert are sole property of Pendim International Competition.